Credits Sue Valdivia


We will debut at the “2nd International Bowl”, the match has all the ingredients to make it special and it’s going to be one of those games to remember.

For us this is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, we will live an unforgettable experience that is going to be the first step on our history as a team.

For the Mexican team this will be a memorable day; with this match they celebrate the 90th anniversary of their football program and they are ready to defend their house from the European assault.

The match will be celebrated in Mexico City on august 12th at the PUMAS UNAM OLYMPIC STADIUM.


PUMAS it’s a team full of tradition and it’s the biggest football program in Mexico, they have over 2000 players between women and men playing flag and tackle football, their system has a categories breakdown that starts around the age of 5 years old and works it’s way up to the college level.

They play at the Mexico’s largest American football stadium, “The 1968 Olympic Stadium”. It has capacity for 68,954 spectators and it’s inside the main campus of the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México” (UNAM).


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